Terms of Use

Copyright and terms of use

Are these texts protected by copyright?

Yes. You may copy and redis­trib­ute any texts from this web­site, pro­vid­ed that you abide by these two basic principles:

  • You may not sell any texts copied or derived from this website.
  • You may not alter the con­tent of any texts copied or derived from this web­site. (You may, how­ev­er, refor­mat them — see below).

You may down­load these files to your com­put­er, print them out, read them, share them with your friends, copy them to your own web­site, trans­late them into oth­er lan­guages, and redis­trib­ute them elec­tron­i­cal­ly — pro­vid­ed that you do not charge any mon­ey for them. They are not in the pub­lic domain. You may refor­mat the files as you please (see below), but you may not change their con­tent with­out first obtain­ing per­mis­sion from the author, trans­la­tor, or publisher.

Some texts con­tain addi­tion­al copy­right notices with spe­cif­ic addi­tion­al rights and restric­tions spelled out by the authors and pub­lish­ers; please read and abide by these notices. If you reprint or repub­lish any of these mate­ri­als, please acknowl­edge the orig­i­nal author, trans­la­tor, or pub­lish­er, as appropriate.

Please ask me if you have any addi­tion­al ques­tions about the copy­right sta­tus of any­thing offered here.

Are Buddhist Teachings texts governed by an “Open Source” or “GNU” copyright?

No. Bud­dhist Teach­ings texts do not con­form with two key prin­ci­ples of most “open source” soft­ware licenses:

You may not sell any­thing that comes from this web­site. (Open source licens­es allow you to sell software.)

You may not mod­i­fy the con­tent of any of the texts that come from this web­site. (Open source licens­es allow you to mod­i­fy soft­ware.) You may, how­ev­er, refor­mat the texts in any way you like — see below.

May I copy your pages onto my website?

Yes, pro­vid­ed that you make them avail­able free of charge. I also ask that you please post a sim­ple notice some­where on your web­site acknowl­edg­ing that the mate­ri­als came from here. Although I don’t require it, as a ser­vice to your vis­i­tors you might also con­sid­er includ­ing a link to https://buddhistteachings.org, so that your vis­i­tors can eas­i­ly get hold of the most up-to-date edi­tions of these texts. Final­ly, please make it clear to your vis­i­tors what mate­r­i­al on your site comes from here and what comes from oth­er sources.

May I reformat the texts from your website?

Yes. As long as you don’t alter the con­tent, you may refor­mat pages to your heart’s con­tent. You may con­vert the files to Microsoft Word, PDF, or any oth­er pro­pri­etary for­mat. You may extract excerpts from any text, pro­vid­ed that you some­how indi­cate that they are excerpts. You may alter the “look” of the pages to match the style of your own website.

May I sell copies of materials from your website in order to raise money for a non-profit cause?

May I sell copies of materials from your website if I charge just enough to recover the costs of printing, etc.?

No. It does­n’t mat­ter if you’re hop­ing to make a prof­it or not. These teach­ings are to be giv­en away, not sold.

May I require people to pay for reproduction costs or postage?

No. Requir­ing some­one to pay for the cost of repro­duc­ing these texts (pho­to­copy­ing costs, cost of a flop­py disk, etc.) or for ship­ping costs (pack­ag­ing, postage, etc.) is equiv­a­lent to selling.

May I ask people to make a “suggested donation” in exchange for copies of these texts?

Be very care­ful here. As long as you make it crys­tal clear that any­one may receive a copy free for the ask­ing — regard­less of whether he or she makes a dona­tion — then that’s fine. You should put no pres­sure — sub­tle or oth­er­wise — on any­one to pay. These teach­ings are to be giv­en away, not sold.

May I include a short excerpt of a text from your website in a publication that I plan to sell?

You must first obtain per­mis­sion from the author of that text. Please con­tact the author direct­ly, or con­tact me for more info.

How should I cite references to Buddhist Teachings?

If you’re writ­ing a paper for a school or uni­ver­si­ty, you should check with your instruc­tor to see what cita­tion stan­dards you are expect­ed to follow.

To cite indi­vid­ual pages from the web­site, you might con­sid­er the cita­tion for­mat that’s shown in the colophon at the bot­tom of every page.

To cite the entire web­site, you might use some­thing like this:

Bud­dhist Teach­ings” (http://www.forestsangha.org), Robin Moore, ed., DATE.

where DATE is the revi­sion date that appears at the bot­tom of the home page.