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Bud­dhad­ham­ma Vol­ume IV

Bud­dhad­ham­ma is a com­pendi­um of the Bud­dhist Pali Canon. It is divid­ed into two parts: part one con­tains the objec­tive and bal­anced truths that are the foun­da­tion of the Bud­dhist sys­tem of prac­tice (the Mid­dle Teach­ing). A great deal of expla­na­tion is devot­ed to descrip­tions of these inter­re­lat­ed nat­ur­al laws cou­pled with their eth­i­cal impor­tance. Part two con­tains teach­ings on the Mid­dle Path, as an exten­sion and prac­ti­cal appli­ca­tion of Bud­dhist prin­ci­ples. The book con­tains twen­ty-one chap­ters and runs to more than one thou­sand pages.

Bud­dhad­ham­ma is wide­ly held to be a mas­ter­piece of mod­ern Bud­dhist schol­ar­ship and Thai lit­er­a­ture. In 1982 Bud­dhad­ham­ma was award­ed first prize for lit­er­ary prose by the Bangkok Bank Foun­da­tion. It has been accept­ed among schol­ars as a work of inter­na­tion­al stan­dards and is wide­ly viewed as the most sig­nif­i­cant Thai con­tri­bu­tion to Bud­dhist schol­ar­ship in the last two hun­dred years.

Ajahn Payutto’s dis­til­la­tion of the major prin­ci­ples of the Pali Canon and the com­men­taries into one book has caused some peo­ple to refer to this work as the most ‘sci­en­tif­ic’ pre­sen­ta­tion of Bud­dhism in Thai his­to­ry (some say in any lan­guage). It has been sug­gest­ed that if a per­son does not have the time to read the whole of the Canon, then just read this one book—Bud­dhad­ham­ma.

Ajahn Payut­to has stat­ed that his work attempts to deal with the ‘redis­cov­ery of Bud­dhist val­ues based on clear under­stand­ing and wise use of tra­di­tion along with an under­stand­ing of con­tem­po­rary issues.’

The Bud­dhad­ham­ma Foun­da­tion, a non-prof­it pub­lish­ing com­pa­ny in Bangkok, is present­ly spon­sor­ing a com­plete Eng­lish trans­la­tion of Bud­dhad­ham­ma. With Ajahn Payut­to’s bless­ing, Robin Moore is doing the trans­la­tion work for this project. The plan is to fin­ish this trans­la­tion before the end of the year 2013.

For a list of the fin­ished chap­ters which have been pub­lished as sep­a­rate vol­umes please vis­it the Pub­li­ca­tions Page.

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